Monday, December 17, 2012

Dogs Eating Dogs is OUT!!

File:Blink-182 - Dogs Eating Dogs cover.jpg

If you pre-ordered the EP of blink-182's site sign in and go to 'My Rabbit Hole' and you will see a download for the EP. 

I'm listening to it now, so far I like all of it ,but the few lines of rap in "Pretty Little Girl". 

Dogs Eating Dogs is now #1 on iTunes, hell yeah!!

FYI The download is in 320 kbps MP3 from their site.

Buy on or  Buy on iTunes.
(I do not know if you will get instant access if purchased now, and it still seems to be considered a pre-order on the US  iTunes site.)

[I will not put the download here, please buy the EP instead.]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

blink-182 Teaser!!

Blink-182 released a teaser!! Short samples of songs in the background, artwork for, as well as commentary about the album. Who am I kidding we just want to hear the music, so enjoy!!

[Update (12/13): If you pre-ordered the EP you should see a download for "Boxing Day" on your account page!!]

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Boxing Day" by blink-182 (UPDATE: w/ song and Download!!!)

[Update (12/13): If you pre-ordered the EP you should see a download for "Boxing Day" on your account page!!]

You can also listen and DOWNLOAD from Soundcloud here: [Shout out to Chris @SkreamDub]

 Someone got it up on YouTube!!! Credit for upload goes to @Jaimeehickey


The first debut off of Dogs Eating Dogs EP is being aired on BBC Radio One during Zane Lowe's show. According to a tweet by Mark Hoppus himself.

The song is called "Boxing Day".

I will be posting the song as soon after it is available!

UPDATE: It already aired on BBC One! "Boxing Day" is a nice acoustic Christmas song. I tried to record it to post up here but I was too late, so I will have to wait for an official post or someone who was faster than I. I will announce on twitter once I get it up @dialecticum.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Year As A Ghost

Often people like a song because they get it, sometimes you feel like the song gets you. 

Well thanks to Spotify I got into The Wonder Years and they are awesome! I feel like a lot of their songs get me and I get them. The Wonder Years is a pop-punk band from Philadelphia, they also have been tagged as realist pop punk. They don't glorify life, they just sing about it.

They are similar to Four Year Strong, New Found Glory, and Set Your Goals. They fit into pop punk, beardcore, and melodic hardcore tags, but if that info isn't enough here are some of their songs:

- Came Out Swinging

It's the first song I heard from them and I'm glad it was.

-Local Man Ruins Everything

"'Cause what I learned was 
It’s not about forcing happiness; 
It’s about not letting the sadness win."
Those just might be my favorite lines from any song!

-My Last Semester 

"And I don't make sense to anyone but my best friends."
True story.

- Melrose Diner
(Song begins after 1:20)
Good song, enough said.

Want more check out their music:
Spotify: The Wonder Years
They also recently released a book entitled "A Year As A Ghost" about the bands life.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dogs Eating Dogs [EP] by blink-182

[Update (12/13): If you already pre-ordered the EP you should have "Boxing Day" available to download on the website!!]

I'm so frakkin excited to hear some new blink-182 music! AHH!!!1!

If you haven't heard, blink-182 is an independent band now and they will be releasing their next EP Dogs Eating Dogs digitally on December 18.

I have been listening to blink-182 since middle school and I know almost every song from all their albums and all the lyrics to dozens of their songs.

I already pre-ordered, did you? Go check out the page at
It's gonna be a blink-182 Christmas!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I suck at blogging

Yeah... I pretty much suck at blogging.

I do have some ideas that I may share, and I may do some reviews of some of my favorite songs, bands, and shows, as well as some of the new music I have heard. On the off chance that anyone is reading this and you like any of my posts please share and let me know, I may try to do more, more often.

"I'll be back..."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learn Code as a First Grader

No the title is not a lie or deception, soon first graders will be taught how to code. Before any nerdy parents get too excited, it is not in America, UK, or even China; the country that will be teaching 100% of first graders to code will be Estonia. (Not your first guess, was it?)
Source: CIA World Factbook

The program is called ProgeTiiger, and will be teaching publicly educated students starting in first grade (7-8 years old there) and throughout their public education (until about 16 years old). Private IT companies are assisting in training and development of the program and students. The goal is to convert kids from technology consumers to technology developers.

I think this is awesome and I hope this will be successful. U.S. public education should see how well ProgeTiiger works and develop a program that can be a model for school systems to be able to adopt. While U.S. companies may not be able to domestically produce physical products at a competitive price, if we add computer science to the public education curriculum then we can lead software development for years to come.

While some public school systems may have computer science classes or even curricula, most are likely limited in scope or funding. (The school system that I graduated from had some form of comp sci class, but it was separate from each high school, at a central school run by the school system for vocational and technical classes.)  If we were to have computer science mandatory or widely accessible in public school, computer and computing-related companies would have more opportunities to grow with a growing number of skilled workers. The computer and software industry could advance in technological development and investment. The companies might be willing to invest in computer education programs in public education, which could decrease some burden on public school systems with limited technological resources.

In conclusion, Estonia will be teaching computer science in public schools from first grade till end of their public education (until about 16 years old). Private companies are assisting in the program and the program will be in 100% of schools. I believe other countries should follow the ideas of this program, by turning consumers into developers, and beyond that better public education in all aspects. This will help Estonia with a competitive advantage over countries without a national computer science education initiative (*cough* America *cough*).

I applaud you Estonia!!
Good job Estonia!

I heard the story from The Philip DeFranco Show (Here is the specific episode) on